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 Marie-Claire Bergère

Marie-Claire Bergère

Nationality: French

Marie-Claire Bergere, a French, is a university lecturer and author of works on the history of China. Trained at the prestigious Ecole normale superieure, she has graduated in history and is a PhD degree of the University of Paris-VII. From 1974 to 1997 she lectured on Chinese Civilization at l'INALCO (the National Institute of Eastern Languages and Civilizations). From 1978 to 1994 she was research director on at the Higher School of Social Sciences, a honourary professor at the Universities of INALCO since 1997. Main subjects of research have been the Chinese bourgeoisie and the history of urban China during the 20th century. Some of her books are: History of Shanghai, Fayard, 2002.Sun Yat-se, Fayard, 1994. Chinese People's Republic from 1949 to Our Time, Paris, Armand Colin, 1989. The Golden Age of the Chinese Bourgeoisie, 1911-1937, Flammarion, 1986. Chinese Bourgeoisie and the 1911 Revolution, Paris-La Haye, 1968. Marie-Claire Bergere has been member of the editorial board of Twentieth Century, a Historical Journal, since 1983, and of the China Quarterly (London), since 1992.