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 Nikolay N. Ninov

Nikolay N. Ninov

Nationality: Bulgarian

Nikolay N.Ninov is a Bulgarian writer and journalist, born in 1955 in Cherven Bryag. He has graduated in French language and literature from the Cyril and Methodius University in Veliko Tarnovo and has worked as deputy editor-in-chief of the newspapers 1000 dni [1000 Days] and Standard, and as editor-in-charge of the Nedelen Standart [Sunday Standard]. Currently he is editor-in-charge of the Business Week, Bulgaria. The founder of the journalist network of the Information Access Programme, he is bearer of the Annual Award (1996) of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists. Nikolay N.Ninov's first book Lihva za lyatoto [Summertime Interest Rate] came out in 1987. The documentary film Vechniyat Dvigatel [The Eternal Machine] was made on his script and was shown at the 15th International Film Festival in Moscow. Four years later the Ivan Vazov Publishing House released his book of documentary prose Devet mazhki drami [Nine Male Dramas] (1991). His book Bez Papiyonki v Noshta na Sezarite [Bow-Tie-less on the Night of the Cesars] has been the result of Nikolay N.Ninov's meetings with the artistic elite of Paris. The book was published in 1994, and the supplemented edition Frenskata Vrazka [The French Connection] (2007) was produced by the Riva Publishers, which also released Gigoglo (2000) by the same author. Featuring among the renowned interlocutors of Nikolay N.Ninov were writers Erskine Caldwell, James Aldrige, Emmanuel Robles, Sergei Mihalkov and Pierre Gamara; stage directors Claude Sautet, Yves Robert and Felix Falk; actors Jean Marais, Danielle Darieux, Jean-Louis Trentignan, Philip Noiret, Gerard Depardieux, Claude Brasseur, Fani Ardant and Penelope Cruz; sportsmen Eddy Merx and Johan Croiff; surgeons Professor Bernard Devauchelle (the maker of the first face transplantation in the world in 2005) and Professor Lorent Lantieri (who performed the third face transplantation in 2007).