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 Imre Kertes Imre Kertes

Imre Kertes

Nationality: Hungarian

Imre Kertesz, a Hungarian writer of Jewish stock, was born in 1929 in Budapest. At the age of 14 he passed through the horrors of Auschwitz, then of Buchenwald. After the end of the Second World War he made a name for himself as a journalist and translator from German of authors of the category of Freud, Hofmannsthal, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein. In his fiction he has recreated the fate of those, who had survived the nightmare of the concentration camps; the fate of the individual, crushed in the deadlock of Eastern Europe; the Hungarian developments of 1956. In 2002 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature for his novel With No Fate. He is laureate of other prestigious awards, among which: Attila Joseph (1989), Lajos Kossuth (1997), Herder (2000), and the Big Cross of the Republic of Hungary (2003).