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Dr. A. J. P. Taylor

Dr. A. J. P. Taylor

Nationality: British


Alan John Percivale Taylor (March 25, 1906 - September 7, 1990) was a renowned English historian of the 20th century. He was perhaps the best-known British historian of the century and certainly one of the most controversial. Born in Birkdale, near Southport of Scottish descent, Taylor was brought up in Lancashire and educated at various Quaker schools and Bootham School in York. As a student he was said by his headmasters to be brilliant and rebellious. Initially interested in archaeology, as a young man he was an amateur expert in the history and archaeology of churches in northern England. His interest in archaeology led in turn to a strong interest in history. In 1924, he went to Oriel College, Oxford to study modern history. His wealthy parents held strongly left-wing views, which he inherited. His parents were both pacifists who vocally opposed World War I, and sent their son to Quaker schools as a way of protesting against the war....