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Drugs Encyclopaedia

Drugs Encyclopaedia

Author: Deni Richard, Jean-Louis Senon

ISBN: 954-844-093-8
Category: Dictionaries and Encyclopaedia
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16х23, Pages: 262, Weight: 320 g

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What does it mean to be addicted? How can such a state be reached? Why do drugs occupy such a significant place in modern civilization? These problems should be approached by a proper analysis, comprehension, compassion and a will to find the best solution rather than by prejudices and taboos. Precisely this is the stand point of the authors of the Encyclopaedia: physicians of ample experience and numerous contacts with the victims of ruinous addictions. A major merit of the publication is its completeness, along with its thoroughness. Various aspects of the investigation intertwine and overlap: historical, medical, commercial, social, psychological, individual, the subject of drug addicts in art...The aim is to provide information to the reader and, possibly, to help him get out of the vicious circle of hazardous conduct, so that he may get an insight of the risks and find ways of avoiding them. The Encyclopaedia is not just a reference book, but a reading matter provoking thoughts on one of the gravest problems, most difficult to cope with in our time.

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