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Author: Henri Troyat

ISBN: 9548440989
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14x21, Pages: 806, Weight: 650 g

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There is a flabbergasting contrast between the creative work of Pushkin (1799-1837) - a model of moderation and exquisiteness, and his tempestuous and chaotic life. Lightning love stories, a passion for gambling, rapprochement with the Decembrists and rising against authority, exile ordered by Alexander I because of some unseemly verses, return from exile through the goodwill of Nicholas I, a marriage with a beauty, whose captivating look covered up her foolishness, clashes with the police, high life vanity, outrages provoked by jealousy, anonymous letters, a fateful duel - a series of trials and tribulations, making the fate of a madman, who had no consideration for his actions, but painstakingly considered the words in his creative work. If he had written in the way he had lived, the author of Eugene Onegin and Boris Godunov would have hardly been so consistent in his successes. If he had lived in the way he had written, he would have been a balanced and happy man. However, he did neither. He was Pushkin. True to his indomitable truthfulness, Henri Troyat, in this biography, which is impressive in volume and depth, brings to life again the mysterious personality of Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin in its completeness, steeped in the brilliance of the Petersburg salons, the quiet of villages overwhelmed by forgetfulness, the perfidy of the court intrigues and the magic of poetic inspiration. And the reader sees Pushkin, the so familiar poet, in a somewhat different, brighter light.

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