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The Secret of the Diabolical Clan

The Secret of the Diabolical Clan

Author: Ilya Velchev

ISBN: 954-844-056-3
Category: Novels and poetry
Cover: Hardcover, Format: 21x26, Pages: 194, Weight: 600 g

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Price: 15.00 lv

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ILYA VELCHEV - poet, novelist, playwright, and movie director. He has created ten films, as well as TV productions and plays. He is the author of twenty books of poetry and prose. Some of the most popular Bulgarian songs have been written to his lyrics. He graduated the Higher Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. Winner of national and international awards. In his works graceful poetry is combined with harsh grotesque; he has never been enticed by or taken part in the power of the establishment. MILENA VELCHEVA, wife of the writer Ilya Velchev, has made the illustrations for this book. She graduated the Art Academy in Sofia. She works in the field of painting and textile. She has a special preference for the medium of dry pastel and wall carpet textile. She has made the cover designs of books and gramophone records, projects for television productions and films. Her works can be viewed in public buildings and private collections in Bulgaria and abroad. Whatever her chosen medium, the result of her work always bears the mark of a strong individuality

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