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Dictionary of the Future

Dictionary of the Future

Author: Dr. Norbert Borrmann

ISBN: 954-320-012-2
Category: Dictionaries and Encyclopaedia
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16х23, Pages: 272, Weight: 285 g

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Ever since prehistoric times, the unknown has provoked people's desire to see beyond the present. According to the level of progress, these attempts have ranged from predictions and prophecies to futurology, and from chiromancy and numerology to social Utopias. The eminent German historian and expert on culture Dr. Norbert Bormann (born in 1953) examines the topic comprehensively, quoting Edgar Wallace, who said that "whatever the future holds, I'm interested". Dictionary of the Future presents all the inherited beliefs about the future, but also the views contained in science fiction, the statements of futurologists, religious predictions, views on the end of the world, Utopian views on humanity, scientific prognoses... This is an exceptionally interesting overview, presented in a captivating form, with many examples and concrete cases which are a vivid testimony on the history and development of human thought and mentality in a particular aspect: the eternal striving to penetrate into the future and master what it holds for us.

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