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Cleopatra's Nose. Historical Portraits

Cleopatra's Nose. Historical Portraits

Author: Professor, Doctor of history, Andrei Pantev

ISBN: 954-320-013-0
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16,5х23.5, Pages: 206, Weight: 295 g

Out of print

Price: 7.30 lv

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"History cannot be an ‘exact' science as regards the characteristics we demand of exact sciences, for historical personages are not a material substance. They are not part of the universal processes and phenomena. They cannot produce identical results. History consists of human beings, not machines. For these very reasons, when touching the past we subconsciously assume predilections through which we project our personal nature. Tacitus's recommendation to write ‘without anger and bias' may be a good recipe for cooking. But it is a rule hard to follow when explaining the complicated and multi-faceted deeds of people."

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Why is this book out of print?! Every person in this state must have access to it. Emanating from it is horrific psychological insight. It  is very true....



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