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Alexander III

Alexander III

Author: Henri Troyat

ISBN: 954-320-032-7
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13x20, Pages: 190, Weight: 155 g

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The heir that ascended to the Russian throne after the assassination of his father Alexander II in 1881 was a depressed and inhibited young man with no taste for reforms. Convinced that the current political violence had been unleashed as a result of his father's liberalism, the third Alexander ruled with a heavy hand, uncompromisingly. He is remembered for his authoritarian style and narrow views. Yet it was during his reign that the railroad was built that spanned the limitless lands of Russia and crossed Siberia. He was the ruler who distanced Russia from Germany and sought to bring it closer to France. Thanks to the superb skill of Troyat, the next-to-the-last Russian emperor stands before the reader in all his contradictions, at the center of a turbulent age. Authoritarian and yet tolerant, energetic yet hesitant, the not very familiar and, as it were, underestimated Alexander appears as a statesman who strove to serve his country's interests as he saw them, rather than weave a legend about himself and his reign.

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