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Methodics of Training in Traffic Safety

Methodics of Training in Traffic Safety

Author: Dr. Lyuben Vitanov

ISBN: 945-320-046-7
Cover: Paperback

Price: 5.00 lv

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1. OBJECTIVES AND TASKS OF TRAINING IN TRAFFIC SAFETY What this book will teach you: 1. How the goals of training are defined and structured. 2. The meaning and kinds of taxonomy. 3. The main goals of training in traffic safety. The goal is to achieve a system-forming component in the course of training. This aim determines the direction, contents, and methods of all other components of teaching and learning. Defining and structuring the goals of training is a complex and many-sided process. That is why special systematizations and classifications of objectives are used - they are defined as taxonomies. The classifications have different bases: accordingly we distinguish cognitive, affective, operational, and experiential taxonomies. (cf. Andreev, 1996, p. 64-67)

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