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100 Words for 100 Philosophers

100 Words for 100 Philosophers

Author: Jean-Clet Martin

ISBN: 954-320-073-4
Category: Philosophy
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13х20, Pages: 352, Weight: 346 g

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A hundred philosophers, a hundred major theories, and one hundred words through which the French philosopher Jean-Clet Martin attempts to draw an exceptionally interesting, exciting and lively picture of our fundamental questionings: What is Man? What is the world? Can we be happy? What can we know? Can we communicate? Has the meaning of words crumbled down to nothing? A philosopher will sometimes wield a key word as a weapon, sometimes hold on to it as a lifesaver, but it is always deeply inscribed in his personal biography. These hundred portraits of outstanding philosophers reveal a rather different history of philosophy - not abstract, but speaking through real voices, charged with life and inner drives, something we can pick up lightly and carry along with us. The high achievement of Hundred Words is to extract markers from the theories, milestones for the roads of our lives. From Heraclitus to Derrida, 100 Words for 100 Philosophers unfolds for the reader the millennia of philosophical thought, a panorama where concepts are presented through personal lives and ideas crystallize to a penetrating sharpness.

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