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The Americans. The History of a Nation

The Americans. The History of a Nation

Author: Prof. Robert Calvet

ISBN: 954-320-070-X
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16х23, Pages: 343, Weight: 413 g

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Though the history of the United States as an independent country with its own government goes back not much more than two centuries, Americans are not a nation with a meager history, as is sometimes thought. Looking back to the span of Indian cultures before 1492 and the centuries of gradual European expansion, we see how false this view is. The most powerful state in the world today was built with tenacity, perseverance and thanks to the intellectual contribution of constant waves of new immigrants from all parts of the world, some arriving for lack of any other choice, others attracted by the open horizons of freedom and the promise of a better life. The outstanding French historian and researcher Robert Calvet reveals how a young and vigorous country managed to use the variety of its ethnic make-up and create an original and dynamic civilization.

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