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Grand Atlas of the Earth

Grand Atlas of the Earth

Author: Marco Majrani

ISBN: 954-320-058-0
Category: Dictionaries and Encyclopaedia
Cover: Hardcover, Format: 24,5x29, Pages: 224, Weight: 1970 g

Out of print

Price: 80.00 lv

Votes: 4

The Grand Atlas of the Universe (2005), was followed in August 2006 by the GRAND ATLAS OF THE EARTH, likewise a superbly illustrated book containing scholarly articles written in an accessible style for a wide audience. Here the curious reader will discover the physical abundance of our planet: rocks, icebergs, mountains, volcanoes, seas... We will penetrate the secrets of precious stones, minerals, and fossils, go back in time to when the Earth was formed, and learn about the origin and evolution of mountain chains and volcanoes, from Tierra del Fuego to the Roof of the World. GRAND ATLAS OF THE EARTH is a beautifully designed encyclopaedia for the whole family and a valuable addition to every library.

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