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Esthetics. Selected works on Esthetics

Esthetics. Selected works on Esthetics

Author: Benedetto Croce

ISBN: 954-320-050-5
Category: Philosophy
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13х20, Pages: 518, Weight: 428 g

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In the last several decades the works of the Italian philosopher, historian and critic Benedetto Croce (1866-1952) have been provoking a growing amount of interest and become the object of a true rediscovery. The field of esthetics was central to his thought, which was built around this core. Together with Esthetics as a Science of Artistic Expression and General Linguistics (1900), Basic Principles of Esthetics (1928) and The Breviary of Esthetics (1912), the volume also includes Poetry (1936), published here for the first time in Bulgarian. For Croce the spirit consists in categories that do not negate each other but coexist. The dialectic of contradictories refers to the beautiful and the ugly in art, to truth and falsehood in philosophy, to the useful and useless in economics, to good and evil in ethics. Croce's esthetics is connected with the radical requirement for grounding a philosophical esthetics as an autonomous form of knowledge, with a statute of its own, different from conceptual thinking and from the practical sphere. His message provides for the 21st century a uniting framework for the problematic spiritual experience of humankind.

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