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Pebbles from the Mosaic

Pebbles from the Mosaic

Author: Gueorgui Geshev Beg

ISBN: 954-320-029-7
Category: Novels and poetry
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14х21, Pages: 320, Weight: 380 g

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Price: 5.00 lv

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Georgi Geshev was born in 1919 in the village of Beglezh near Pleven. His childhood and the years spent in this paternal home, in the primary village school, imbued him with such strong love for his native land that it was inscribed forever in his heart and later gave him a sense of great loss that marked his whole life and every line - published or unpublished - he ever wrote. In the 1980s, passing through many vicissitudes and hardships, he emigrated and settled in Austria by the picturesque Lake of Constance. The only thing he took with him from Bulgaria were his precious memories of the native region. There he devoted himself entirely to writing, which, much more than a hobby, was a life-long passion for him. His stories, memoirs, thoughts, letters, written under the penname ‘Beg', are all related to Bulgaria, its history, the village and its people, rural life, friends, the old and the new reality. With a keen gift for observation, the author treats of eternal topics connected with the meaning of life. His style becomes visibly restless when his thought lingers on current political events to which the author cannot remain indifferent. The book Pebbles from the Mosaic succeeds in encompassing the full variety of his work, a work marked by abundant giftedness multiplied by ardent patriotism and a vigilant civic conscience.

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