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The Book of Firsts

The Book of Firsts

Author: Ian Harrison

ISBN: 978-954-320-076-4
Category: Social Sciences
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16,5x22, Pages: 288, Weight: 685 g

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Price: 42.00 lv

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Find out who did what first in this compelling, informative look at great achievements and discoveries, from the first pizza delivery to the first submarine. Loads of fun for the whole family, this entertaining book, organized by type of breakthrough, includes the stories and amazing facts behind each accomplishment. Publishers Weekly Most people know who the first person to walk on the moon was and which country lays claim to serving the first hot dog. But for more arcane trivia, Harrison's book fits the bill. Did the earl of Sandwich indeed invent the sandwich? When was the first cardiac pacemaker implanted in a human? Who used the first false eyelashes? Where was the first department store? This generously illustrated compendium of firsts covers the full range of human activity, including medicine; food, drink; trade and technology; and government, law and order. Speed records, Nobel Prize winners, the invention of nylon-Harrison covers it all, in short, zippy paragraphs and timelines covering hundreds of human accomplishments. This is great for curious browsing or for settling those tough questions that come up at the dinner table, although some of the facts (e.g., "Australia is the only country that is also a continent") could limit the book's appeal to the grade-school set. More than 400 photos and illus. (Sept.) Copyright 2003

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