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Terribles tsarines

Terribles tsarines

Author: Henri Troyat

ISBN: 954-320-078-5
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13x20, Pages: 214, Weight: 177 g

Out of print

Price: 9.00 lv

Votes: 4

Characters of Henri Troyat's next biographical work Horrific Queens are three empresses and a female regent, governing the Russian Empire in the course of 37 years: Catherine I, Anna Ivanovna, Anna Leopoldovna, and Elizabeth Petrovna. Each one of them had enforced onto the state her violent and licentious character, her love stories, whims and cruelty. And her extravagances. Horrific queens! One being of a changing face, sensuous and audacious, seemed to reign supreme. At some points, the holy Russ seemed to be losing its balance.... In not too many pages, emanating from which is splendour and coldness, the skilful Henri Troyat reveals the destinies of little known female rulers, overshadowed by the brilliant figure of their predecessor Peter the Great and by the strong personality of their successor, Catherine the Great. Coming to life is a world, an empire, ruled by an iron female hand. Horrific Queens is part of the series of works by Henri Troyat, which the Riva Publishers are offering to the Bulgarian readership.

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