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100 Words for Creating Well-Being

100 Words for Creating Well-Being

Author: Prof. Robert Misrahi

ISBN: 978-954-320-165-5
Category: Philosophy
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13x20, Pages: 303, Weight: 290 g

Price: 12.00 lv

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I, Benevolence, Brilliance, Future, Inspiration, Mutuality, Garden, Home, Choice, Art, Truth, Realization, Holiday, Light, Passion, Pleasure, Utopia, Value ....100 words, using which Robert Misrahi (born 1926), the prominent French scholar, researcher of Spinoza and philosophy professor at the Sorbonne, deliberates about happiness, its substance and importance, about the ways of it being captured and the obstacles which have to be surmounted. The author of dozens of works, dedicated to happiness, Misrahi discusses the life of man as the unfolding of a desire, or, more specifically, of some design. In this way, everyone could become a creator, the maker of his own self, a molder of his own personality, overwhelmed by the pleasure of freedom. It is probably in the 100 words of this, kind of encyclopaedia of happiness, and in their interpretation that is the key to the most dreamt-of and most hard of access state of the human spirit....

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