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The divorce - the dialogue with our children

The divorce - the dialogue with our children

Author: Patricia Lucas, Stephane Leroy

ISBN: 978-954-320-173-0
Category: Others
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13х20, Pages: 80, Weight: 75 g

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Why do so many families break apart today? And how does this reflect on the children, on their minds and their future fulfillment as persons? What happens to the relations between two people that it becomes possible for their love to become transformed into intolerance and hatred? Painful questions that are hard to answer. Patricia Lucas is mother of three boys from a former marriage and Stephane Leroy is the father of two teenagers. Together, they have created a new family in which the five children are accepted as children of both parents. The two adults have dared to engage in an uninhibited and frank conversation with their children about the ordeal of separation, about the painful changes in the everyday life of the children, changes that often mark their psyche for life. Made wiser by what they have lived through, Lucas and Leroy succeed in explaining and defending the right of adults to choose their lives and also to discover and gradually build up the haven that their children need in order not to lose trust in their parents, in order to melt away the bitterness in their easily wounded souls.

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