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Sofia, my native town

Sofia, my native town

Author: Rayna Kostentzeva

ISBN: 978-954-320-206-5
Category: History
Cover: Hardcover, Format: 17x23.5, Pages: 270, Weight: 620 g

Price: 20.00 lv

Votes: 6

Raina Kostentseva (1885-1967) was the descendant of a well-known family in Stip, Macedonia. Her father, Mihail hadji Kostentsev, had been the first bookseller in newly liberated Sofia. Her mother, a student of Grannny Nedelya Petkova, had been one of the outstanding teachers during the National Revival Period. In her memoirs, the author did not refer to dates; she did not present dry historical analyzes; she rather offered an entertaining and alluring picture of the everyday life of the Sofia residents at the end of the 19th and early 20th century. Coming to life before the eyes of the reader are streets, public baths, churches and mosques, pubs, markets, street merchants, taverns and theatres.... Drawing from the source, as a witness of what happened in the newly elected capital, Raina Kostentseva wrote an eloquent book, playing the role to this day of a kind of a guide to the spirit and mentality of the earliest residents of Sofia: too much Orientals and not so much Europeans. She also described her family, told about Levski's song before his death, about the heroism and self-sacrifice of the earliest builders of the Bulgarian culture and state, about the weddings of the locals, about the racketeering of the municipality members, about her marriages to the famous artists August Rosenthal and Max Mezger... Following the fate of Raina Kostentseva after 1944 are letters and documents, included in the book for the first time. The renowned photo album of photographer Dimiter Karastoyanov, dated to 1912, has also been published in full.

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