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Brief history of the future

Brief history of the future

Author: Jacques Attali

ISBN: 978-954-320-213-3
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14x21, Pages: 232, Weight: 220 g

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Price: 13.00 lv

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How the world would look like during the coming fifty years? This is an intriguing question, which Jacques Attali, the world famous financier, economist and politician (born in 1943) answers competently and in an intriguing manner, resting on the experience and knowledge accumulated by mankind in its millennial history. The interrelations between states and nations, the political systems, demographic shocks, the new forms of the market, terrorism, violence, the climate changes, the growing influence of the religious denominations - not a single important element of the global image of the future has been omitted. Attali peeps into the everyday life to reveal how the astonishing technological progress will transform work and leisure, education, health care and the culture of everyday life; how mores now judged to be scandalous, will be accepted in the days ahead. And no doubt, the most essential conclusion of the author is that it is possible to move to abundance, to eliminate poverty; to give everyone access to the technological achievements; a new way of life and creation could be built for all the residents of the planet on the basis of the acquired wisdom. Jacques Attali has presented, specially for the Bulgarian edition, a short analysis of our country's future, as he sees and assesses it.

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