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The celts

The celts

Author: Olivier Buchsenschutz

ISBN: 978-954-320-219-5
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16х23, Pages: 240, Weight: 335 g

Price: 14.00 lv

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Who were actually the Celts, who had inhabited most of Europe in the first millennium B.C. - from the Alps to the North Sea and from what is today Slovakia to the Atlantic? The Ancient Greeks called them Celts, the Romans - Gals. Today there are descendants of the Celts only in Great Britain, in Western France and in Spain. Their origins and their specific features had aroused an interest even back in Antiquity. But it has been only with the advancement of archeology that the restoration of the true history of these Indo-European tribes has become possible. After a short historiographic review, French archeologist and researcher Olivier Buchsenschutz describes the way of life, social structure, religion, material creations, original culture and art of the Celts. Resting on the latest discoveries of science and on their thorough analysis, the author revives the images of the former residents of the Old Continent, who had left their imprint also in the lands of the Balkan Peninsula.

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