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The machos: a dialogue with my brother

The machos: a dialogue with my brother

Author: Clémentine Autain

ISBN: 978-954-320-215-7
Category: Others
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13x20, Pages: 88, Weight: 80 g

Price: 7.00 lv

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Gender equality is an old-time topic, stirring the spirits for centuries. Quite a few intellectuals have spoken in favour of the emancipation of women; small and big battles have been waged for its sake, but not all have been won. MACHISM STILL PERSISTS. How can society get rid of the stereotypes that have accumulated? What forms does male domination acquire? Is it normal for women to primarily undertake the load of care-taking of the home and the family hearth? Why are their remunerations lower than those of men? The questions follow one after the other and the uneven picture of gender relationships in the past and today gradually takes shape in the eyes of the young reader: with no taboos, no covering up and passing over in silence, with no false constraints. Prostitution, sexual freedom, the selection of a partner, the right to abortion, violence against women, feminism: there is talk about everything. The dialogue flows freely, there is a pinch of humour at some places; there is freedom and lack of restrictions, in the mode of the rebellious May 1968 in France. And in the final count the conclusion comes to the fore that women have the potential of much more outstanding acts and involvement in social life, that they cannot and should not possibly be construed solely as biology, because according to the memorable phrase of Simon de Beauvoir "A WOMAN IS NOT BORN: SHE BECOMES LIKE THAT".

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