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Turkish-Bulgarian dictionary

Turkish-Bulgarian dictionary

Author: Prof. Ivan Dobrev

ISBN: 978-954-320-211-9
Category: Dictionaries and Encyclopaedia
Cover: Hardcover, Format: 17х24, Pages: 1632, Weight: 1985 g

Price: 100.00 lv

Votes: 8

Riva Publishers are offering the first Academic Turkish-Bulgarian Dictionary, developed on the basis of new and modern principles and conceptions, with the help of an original approach and method. It has been compiled and edited by Professor Ivan Dobrev, PhD. The Dictionary features 45 375 units, listing the most frequently used words in modern Turkish. The meanings of the words and phrases have been illustrated with excerpts from works by the best Turkish writers and poets, and by popular proverbs and sayings, and this lends an additional cultural and familiarization character to the publication. The academic Turkish-Bulgarian Dictionary is extremely useful in the mastering of the Turkish language, as well as while reading Turkish novels, poetry, research and journalistic works.

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