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Slovenia. The history from the beginnings to the present

Slovenia. The history from the beginnings to the present

Author: Joachim Hösler

ISBN: 978-954-320-241-6
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13х20, Pages: 312, Weight: 240 g

Price: 13.00 lv

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A historian, sociologist, political scientist and Slav scholar, Joachim Hösler relies on his latest research achievements to write a complete, terse history of the state about which few know anything more than the fact that it is "the excellent pupil of the European Union". Slovenia remains unknown even to Bulgarians, though it is only a six hours drive away. The establishment of the Slavs in the region of the Alps and the Adriatic seaside, the conversion to Christianity, the development of the Slovenian language, the national differentiation between Germans and Slovenes, the unification with Croats and Serbs in two states, different in their character, Slovenia within the frameworks of Yugoslavia, its independence since 1991 and the balance struck of the independent path of reaffirmation. Dr Hösler adds to the centuries of history the biographies of outstanding personalities, who had left a lasting marked on the image of their country, as well as information about places and hallmarks, which prompt a wish to be visited and seen. And the readers gradually get the impression of a people with a will, ambition and striving to gain a worthy and outstanding presence in the region, whose fate has not always been impeccable. It is probably not accidental and it is a matter of mentality that the Slovenes describe their state as a Julian-Alpine, near Alpine and Central European, but never Balkan.

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