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The children's crusade. Medieval History, Modern Mythistory

The children's crusade. Medieval History, Modern Mythistory

Author: Gary Dickson

ISBN: 978-954-320-253-9
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16х23, Pages: 280, Weight: 400 g

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Little or almost nothing has been known about the Children's Crusade. The details are familiar solely to specialists and to the more enthusiastic learners of medieval European history. Medieval scholar Gary Dickson, a lecturer at the Oxford University, is filling this void in an intriguing manner. Alongside the historical, i.e. scholarly, approach to the events of the long past 13th century, he also presents the legends spawned since that time to our day, whereby the borderline between what is real and what is invented have been watered out. In this way he reaches to a comprehensive mythology about "the revolt of the young" from 1211-1212. History and historical creation of myths intertwine, but stand apart, as well. Particularly interesting are the parallels, which the author suggests, through the youth discontent of the late 1960s, leaving a deep imprint on the evolution of modern civilization. ...the first popular crusade, the first medieval youth movement, the first shepherds' crusade, a procession overwhelmed by fiery ecstasy, search for the Holy Cross, a contagious pilgrimage to the Holy Lands, an unarmed crusade of peasants and urban workers, a collective migration of landless dreamers, folk art. Such is the motley image of the Children's Crusade; an episode in the period of the Middle Ages, changing in time and little known.

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