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The crisis and beyond

The crisis and beyond

Author: Jacques Attali

ISBN: 978-954-320-262-1
Category: Social Sciences
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13x20, Pages: 144, Weight: 120 g

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How could we have possibly reached so far? The world seemed to be moving in the right direction. Political freedom and individual initiative seemed to be capable of finding fertile soil even in the most faraway corners. Poverty had started to decrease in Asia and Latin America. Economic growth on the planet was the fastest in history; everything predicted that this would continue for decades owing to the very high demographic growth, the availability of great savings and of incredible technical achievements, enabling their channeling to a more sustainable development. And here we are now, without any warning, at the threshold of a world depression - the gravest in eighty years. In the mean time, nothing special seemed to have happened, barring the inability of some American families to pay the mortgages of their homes. It is the purpose of this book to explain in the simplest way possible this mystery; to predict whereto it is leading us so that we may not make the same mistake a second time. Probably there is a hope for a world of plenty, in which markets will be just one of its effective components, rather than its absolute masters as is the case now. A world, in which the only crises will be the crises in personal life with its sufferings and joys, with its reassuring routine and incredible surprises. Jacques Attali

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