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For knighthood and chivalry

For knighthood and chivalry

Author: Dominique Barthelemy

ISBN: 978-954-320-307-9
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16x23, Pages: 552, Weight: 636 g

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Dominique Barthélemy, a French professor in medieval history, offers a daring journey across ages, rife with contrasts and changes. From the barbarian warriors in classical and late Antiquity, through the time of the Gauls and the Franks, the age of Charles the Great, and the Crusades, to as far as the 12th century Arthurian romances, he follows and interprets the evolution of the knights' way of life, thinking and conduct. On the basis of chronicles and narrations of all kind, interpreted from the point of view of anthropology, the author pays special attention to the challenges and the duels, to the concords between victors and slaves, to the rituals of raising to knighthood, the games and processions, the relationships between kings and seigneurs, as this had been the core of knighthood. From one page to the other, the reader invariably perceives the fascination and magic of the Middle Ages, because Barthélemy far from just presenting and analyzing facts and developments, writes a captivating story about the inception and evolution of the estate of knights as a social and political reality, about its system of values and world outlook.

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