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Haunted heart.  The life and Times of Stephen king

Haunted heart. The life and Times of Stephen king

Author: Lisa Rogak

ISBN: 978-954-320-303-1
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14x21, Pages: 272, Weight: 299 g

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Price: 17.00 lv

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Childhood in a broken family and privation, an early marriage, financial difficulties, alcoholism.... All these could hardly forecast the brilliant literary career of one of the most productive and sought contemporary writers. But rigorous self-discipline and the ceaseless flow of original whims and ideas nevertheless have taken Steven King to the starry path of success and money. The thunderous fame and excessive wealth do not spoil him and sidetrack him from the maxim, which he consistently continues to follow: "Read and write between four and six hours every day. If you are unable to find the time, you cannot expect to become a good writer." And the ensuing result is impressive: hundreds of millions of sold books, Oscar nominations for "the best film", made after his works, countless fans. Though his works are sinister and alarming, according to critics and fans he is rather closer to Mark Twain than to H.F.Lovecraft. Lisa Rogak, whose biographies invariably feature in the lists of best sellers, reveals not passing over in silence and any covering up the character, the spiritual image and fears of the person, who is the author of shocking horror novels, which have already become part of the history of worldwide pop culture.

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