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Ethnographie von Makedonien

Ethnographie von Makedonien

Author: Prof. Gustav Weigand

ISBN: 9548440180
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13х21, Pages: 112, Weight: 120 g

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Gustav Weigand (1860-1930) studied and specialised in Romance philology and then started investigating the Eastern Romance languages and the ethnography of the Aromanians in Macedonia. In 1894 he received a Ph D and became Director of the Institute of Romanian Language in Leipzig, and in 1896 he became professor in Romanian and Balkan linguistics and ethnography at the Leipzig University. Before starting his investigations in Macedonia, the author researched all the scholarly works and learnt the languages spoken by the population under Ottoman domination: Albanian, Aromanian, Bulgarian with its two dialects - Western and Eastern -, Greek, Serbian and Turkish. Scientific reviews highly assessed the high results, obtained in the direct contact with the local population, with whom the professor communicated without an interpreter. Gustav Weigand published his last investigations devoted to Macedonia in 1924 under the title Ethnography of Macedonia. The book is a historical and ethnographic review of the history, composition, character, and lifestyle of the population, the language, the language frontiers and the distribution of the nationalities in Macedonia.

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