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Conqueror of the world. Life of Gengis-Khan

Conqueror of the world. Life of Gengis-Khan

Author: René Grousset

ISBN: 978-954-320-277-5
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16x23, Pages: 294, Weight: 417 g

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Powerful thunder of madly riding horsemen seems to be resounding in the infinite Siberian forests, in the steppe of Mongolia, in the Gobi desert and up the dizzying peaks of the Altai Mountains... The distant history of one of the most legendary rulers has been recreated in so lively a manner that it resembles a novel about a brilliant hero to remember. Noteworthy historian René Grousset (1885-1952), specialist in the history of the East, member of the French Academy, rolls one page after the other of the tempestuous life of the statesman and commander, establishing a powerful and influential empire, extending in territory across half of Asia. In the dizzying epic, the residents of the Volga-Kama Bulgaria also occupied a place of honour. Alongside the incredible conquests of the great khan of the Mongols, his moral essence also comes to the surface. The military upsurge intertwines with personal passions, so that the multifaceted image of Gengis Khan may be outlined: on his deathbed, he addressed the following words to his sons: I have conquered an enormous empire for you, but my life was too short to conquer the world. I leave this task to you....

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