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The prehistory how do I explain it to my grandchildren

The prehistory how do I explain it to my grandchildren

Author: Dr. Jean Clottes

ISBN: 978-954-320-160-0
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13x20, Pages: 70, Weight: 66 g

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"I asked my seven grandchildren, aged from six to sixteen, to put down what they know about Prehistory and what they would like to know. Their questions, numerous, most diverse and, in some cases, surprising, could be integrated into six main topics, on the basis of which I made up this book: ages and people - the world of prehistory - the ways of living (they excited the greatest curiosity) - prehistoric societies - mindsets. We talked on these matters and some of them led to some others..." Jean Clottes's great interest in prehistory has been clothed in his pleasure of conveying and sharing his knowledge in the most direct and simplified manner possible. This small booklet gives me the occasion to elucidate a subject arousing the curiosity of the young by its mysteries, about which the grown-ups do not always have clear-cut ideas. Jean Clottes has published a great number of books, among which Shamans of Prehistory, in co-authorship with David Louis Williams; Cosquer Cave, jointly with Jean Courtin; Big Giraffes and Green Ants (Short Stories About Prehistory). He is the co-author of The Best History of Man [La Plue Belle Hisoire de l'Homme]. He has been in charge of the scientific team studying the Chauvet Cave (The Chauvet Cave. The Art of Earliest Time).

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