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Januarius MacGahan

Januarius MacGahan

Author: Dale L. Walker

ISBN: 954-844-059-8
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 21x14, Pages: 376, Weight: 350 g

Out of print

Price: 8.80 lv

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The story of MacGahan just begs to be told, as American historian and writer Dale Walker says. He is the author of books on Jack London and Conan Doyle, and took up the pen, having been amazed to find that while one of the most eminent 19th century journalists had long been forgotten in his homeland, he was worshipped almost as a saint in a faraway Balkan country. In MacGahan, the focus of attention is not just what the character experienced himself, but also developments in Bulgaria's history, and most of all the suppression of the April 1876 Uprising and the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation.

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