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The paper house

The paper house

Author: Carlos Maria Dominguez

ISBN: 978-954-320-291-1
Category: Novels and poetry
Cover: Paperback, Format: 12х20, Pages: 88, Weight: 87 g

Price: 7.00 lv

Votes: 1

Literature can kill. This is the starting point of The Paper House, a story in which books turn into a fetish. A few days before receiving an odd edition of Joseph Conrad's The Shadow Line, Blooma Lenon perishes, run over by a car, while reading a poem by Emily Dickinson. From that moment on the story teller and hero is to investigate the mystery of that death. An investigation, which will make him leave his cozy and quiet cabinet at Cambridge University to find himself in Uruguay and to unravel the mystery of the extraordinary copy of Conrad, covered with minute cement particles. A book about the unbridled passion for books and book collection; a passion developing into an obsession and suicidal madness.

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