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Jack London

Jack London

Author: Jennifer Lesieur

ISBN: 978-954-320-319-2
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16x23, Pages: 336, Weight: 457 g

Price: 17.00 lv

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Leaving this world at barely forty, crushed by his fame and the extremes to which he had rushed without any hesitation, burnt out by his own energy, Jack London (1876-1916) seemed to have lived through one hundred lives: of a workers, an oyster poacher, a seal hunter, a gold hunter, a socialist functionary, a war correspondent, a farmer... As many careers, so many best sellers. Jack London's life path began just like a story by Jack London. He grew up in a shaky family; his childhood was spent in hard labour, poverty and wanderings. And the follow-up is quite reminiscent of a novel of his about round-the-world journeys, political involvements, prophesies and humanistic contradictions.... A life, supplying and enriching the extraordinarily voluminous work of one of the most translated and red American novelists. Jennifer Lesieur, the journalist, follows mile after mile the life path of the author of Martin Eden, travels with him to his favourite spots, meets his ghosts, scrutinizes his characters and their messages to recreate the daring history of the writer of the American dream.

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