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Author: Paul Johnson

ISBN: 978-954-320-305-5
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14x21, Pages: 184, Weight: 210 g

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From among the impressive personalities of the 20th century - positive or sinister, the personality of Winston Churchill is one of the most valuable for humanity as well as one of the most attractive. It is a pleasure to write and to read about his life. No one else's life had been so instructive, particularly for the young. How to overcome an uneasy childhood. How to enthusiastically take advantage of every opportunity - physical, moral and intellectual. How to run risks, how to reaffirm success and to leave behind the inevitable defeats. At the same time, how to pursue energetically and with dedication one's ambitions, to make friends, to remain generous, compassionate and noble. To the renowned English historian Paul Johnson, Winston Churchill is a mystery and a challenge. An officer, a parliamentarian, a prime minister, an orator, an artist, a writer, a husband and a leader - all these roles in a combination turn Churchill into one of the most sophisticated and remarkable personalities in history. In Churchill Johnson describes different stages in the career of the politician, starting with his adventures as a young cavalry officer, in the service of the empire, to his work as a wise statesman, predicting the advent of the cold war. Johnson's story of Churchill's numerous victories and defeats abounds in anecdotes and quotations, strikingly conveying the sense of humour, the endurance, bravery and eccentricity of the great politician. "Johnson's talent is in his skill to convey the objects of his studies as humans with their mistakes, by which we could immediately tell them apart, and, at the same time, to reveal what makes them into heroes." The Washington Post "His witty and audacious narrations teach more history to more people than all the post-modern theorists, haughty critics and professors, taken together." The Times Literary Supplement

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