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Dictionary of contemporary China

Dictionary of contemporary China

Author: Under the direction of Thierry Sanjuan

ISBN: 978-954-320-346-8
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16х23, Pages: 328, Weight: 392 g

Price: 18.50 lv

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Anthropology, law, economics, geography, history, political science, sociology, culture, urbanism...

A scholarly team of 88 authors, 300 pages, 900 references to names and terms...

An imposing thematic scope that delineates the multifaceted image of present-day China, one of the powerful forces of our planet today.

After thirty years of reforms, economic liberalization, and openness to the world, China holds an increasingly stable and authoritative place in international relations; it is a country that all partners respect and reckon with. Although still under the rule of the authoritarian Communist Party, China is becoming transformed according to the rules of the market and the course of globalization. Subject to urbanization changes, under the sway of private initiative and of the omnipresent Internet, Chinese society is confidently stepping onto the world stage in skillfully combining traditional values and modernization in its everyday material existence and ways of thinking.

These eminent French specialists and researchers supply a key to the specific features and roots of the Chinese upsurge - remarkable, at times intimidating, but unquestionable.

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