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The Second History Of Nazism In The Federal Republic Of Germany After 1945

The Second History Of Nazism In The Federal Republic Of Germany After 1945

Author: Alfred Wahl

ISBN: 978-954-320-349-9
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 15,5х23, Pages: 374, Weight: 406 g

Price: 16.00 lv

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Amidst the mass of historical works on the topic of Nazism, the book by Professor Alfred Wahl stands out as a competent and modern study which reveals new dimensions in a topic that has been long studied in great detail. The author focuses attention on the fate of the adherents of National Socialism in post-war Germany and the role they actually plaid in society during the second half of the 20th century. On the basis of concrete documentary evidence, Prof. Wahl convincingly shows that, for more than fifty years now, the history of Germany has not only been that of an economic miracle, of the construction of a social and political model symbolizing European democracy. There is another side to the story, little known and not made public. The widespread notion of a relentless lustration aimed at the former adherents of National Socialism has been highly mythologized: soon after 1946 there began a gradual and tacit restoring of the previous Nazi cadres in social and economic life. Meanwhile, an unceasing debate has gone on about the "past that does not pass away" and about the unfading interest in fascist ideas in the Federal Republic and other European countries. In considering these unfamiliar details of recent German history, the Bulgarian reader will inevitably recognize similarities with our own laborious transition of the last 20 years, will detect common tendencies, and will probably be able to answer some of the questions that still disturb us.

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