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Moscow. A literary and cultural history

Moscow. A literary and cultural history

Author: Caroline Brooke

ISBN: 978-954-320-351-2
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14х21, Pages: 288, Weight: 262 g

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Over the centuries this city has been known by various names: Holy Moscow, or the Third Rome, because of its status as a centre of Orthodox Christianity, Moscow of restaurants, famed for its hospitality and lavish feasting, the Cotton Moscow, in which textile trade held a place of honour, "a large village", expanding with immigrants, Red Moscow, the emblem of communist ideology. Layer after layer of culture and symbols: Christian, Tsarist, Soviet, capitalist; contradictions, vivid and impressive, that have woven the tissue of one of the most imposing and attractive world centres.

A city of palaces and monasteries, of writers, theatres, and music, but also of disturbances, plots, and rebellions, of Utopias and ruined houses, of the rich and the poor... An exciting city of many faces, a city of changes and extremes, on which each new social and political order has left its enduring mark.

From the beginnings in the 12th century to the megapolis of today, a combination of tradition and modernity. The English writer Caroline Brooke, who has come to know the Russian capital closely, presents a different history. A string of dates and events, but also of changes and turning points in everyday life, of celebrated artists and works, perishable and imperishable, a history of a powerful spirit embodied in a city that is continuously rediscovering itself.

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