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Dictionary of aesthetics and philosophy of art

Dictionary of aesthetics and philosophy of art

Author: Under the directoon of Jacques Morizot and Roger Pouivet

ISBN: 978-954-320-383-3
Category: Dictionaries and Encyclopaedia
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16x23, Pages: 632

Price: 38.00 lv

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Each civilization perceives the world in its own way and glorifies specific aspects of the world, so that objects, bodies, and human conduct are subordinated to aesthetic norms that, though not necessarily explicit, are imperative.

Arts today are finding it difficult to position themselves in this "aestheticized" environment. Paradoxically, aesthetics, as a discipline of equal standing in the philosophical sphere, is not well known and is often pushed to a marginal place or reduced to the vaguest intuitions.

The dictionary aims to help outline the territory of aesthetics. An impressive team of experts, under the leadership of university teachers Jacques Morizot and Roger Pouivet, offers 240 articles focused not on authors and works but on concepts, including definitions, etymology, content, and connections with other terms. The articles deal with the main issues of the functioning of art at ontological, semiological, and evaluative level. Only a few are devoted to the characteristic aspects of arts, specifically the visual arts. About thirty analyze modern trends - mass art, ecology, urban space as an alternative artistic location - or propose new readings of the great philosophical queries.

The dictionary is a valuable source for checking and enriching our knowledge in this field, for grasping the debates on many not fully clarified and not thoroughly discussed topics.


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