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Author: Kiril Shopov

ISBN: 978-954-32-237-9
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14x21, Pages: 240

Price: 15.00 lv

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From Castelo Branco to Dilma Rousseff
Foreign Policy and Internal Progress

This book presents the development of Brazil as an emerging world power and as the probable next permanent member of the UN Security Council. The author has retraced the foreign policy of the country starting from the period of the military regime until the administration of Dilma Rousseff; he offers his prognoses about the future.

This study shows how Brazil has become one of the most successfully developing countries today, and turned into a world economic and political factor.
The supplementary part of the book contains the biographies of all heads of state and of the best known Brazilian political and economic figures. This book is the first comprehensive study to appear here about this distant land.

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