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Author: Anne-Marie Eddé

ISBN: 978-954-320-388-8
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16X23, Pages: 642

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Price: 18.00 lv

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A central figure in the history of the Crusades, an enlightened sovereign, a reunifier of the Muslim world, Saladin ... is more than an icon in the East, he is the greatest figure of its glorious past and the model of the ruler par excellence. Profoundly attached to Arab values, he is awash with unparalleled glory and respect from the time of his reign until the present, and from his own territories to Europe. That cannot fail to raise problems when it comes to writing his biography. In fact, between hagiographical accounts emerging directly from his close circle and hostile criticism from his fiercest detractors, there was no objective middle course. This book constitutes the first step on that path: rigorous without being academic, resituating the man within his context and noting the influences exerted on him, it proposes to discover, beyond the usual panegyrics, the hidden face of Saladin, a portrait in light and shadow.
--Chrysostome Gourio, Libraire Le Comptoir des Mots (20111101)

An impressive biography of Saladin ... supported by a multiplicity of sources, known or previously unknown: chronicles, travel narratives, letters, poems, administrative treatises. . . . Although [Eddé] is intent on placing that extraordinary figure within his context, on understanding his conception of power and how he founded his dynasty, she endeavors above all to analyze the discourses of which he has been the object from the Middle Ages to the present, discourses serving to fashion his myth. The result of that exacting and rigorous undertaking is at once accessible to the non-specialist and compelling, allowing us to rediscover a Saladin richer and more complex than his Western or Eastern legend.
--Georgia Makhlouf (Le Jour 20111107)

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