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The death druing socialism

The death druing socialism

Author: Centre for Advanced Study

ISBN: 978-954-320-444-1
Category: Social Sciences
Cover: Paperback, Format: 17x24, Pages: 328

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The way we die is the quintessence of the way we live. Is there then "Socialist Death", which corresponds to the "socialist way of life"? Of course, death is an universal biological fact independent of ideologies, religions and political regimes.

But it leads to an incredible variety of cultural events that are not only a measure of the importance of this fact, but also show how it is overgrown with conventions, regulatory ideas, rituals, symbols, which - unlike the biological fact - change significantly in time.

How did the communist regime in Bulgaria "tame" death? What is the new holiness, what are the models imposed by the ideology of death? What way did the socialist think of death and how does it fit into the progressive big story?What are its new characters? What care did they take of it, how was the ''small'', non-heroic death registered, controlled and manipulated? What has happened after the marginalization of religions, traditionally providing answers to existential questions? What were the new practices, what were the imposed plots and how were they played?

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