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The Greatness That Was Babylon

The Greatness That Was Babylon

Author: Prof. H. W. F. Saggs

ISBN: 954-8440-07-5
Category: History
Cover: Hardcover, Format: 15х22.5, Pages: 416, Weight: 740 g

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Quite a few civilizations have their roots in ancient Babylon. Its great contribution to human progress had been covered by forgetfulness for more than 2000 years. But the beauties and misfortunes of Babylon have been living in the traditions, handed down by the Bible and the books of the classical authors. Painstakingly studied, the impressive Babylonian civilization comes to life in the description of its religion, economy, policy, arts, literature, technologies and public life. As an impeccable and intriguing work, The Greatness of Babylon is easy to read. Lovers of a good book, as well as specialists will have the pleasure of becoming introduced to a brilliant work. Harry Saggs, an outstanding oriental scholar, has been professor and head of department at the University of Cardiff since 1983. He gives lectures and engages in field research in Iraq and in other Middle East countries.

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