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Alexandre II

Alexandre II

Author: Henri Troyat

ISBN: 954-844-073-3
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13x20, Pages: 232, Weight: 200 g

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Standing in front of the remains of Alexander II, Melchior de Vauguer, a French diplomat, whispered to the person next to him, "Take a look at this martyr! He was a great king and deserved a better fate". Destiny was indeed merciless to the monarch who did away with serfdom, eliminated bodily punishment and restructured the administration, education and the legal system. In his striving to reform Russian society, he waged a war, on the one hand, against the irreconcilable revolutionaries and, on the other, against the class of owners, fiercely fighting to keep on their privileges. After a number of attempts on his life, on March 1, 1881, a fanatic assassin took the life of the ruler, who anyway had failed to reconcile the temptation of liberalism with the horror of anarchy. One of the key figures of the Russo-Turkish War, Alexander II will remain in history, as well as in the Bulgarian historical memory, as the liberator king.

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